The Treasure Trove: Tiff’s LGBTQ List of Panels and Events

As you probably know, AWP has many search options, including a special box where you can click “LGBTQ” to filter for LGBTQ-related panels (I recommend changing the “Event Day” box to “All Days” for a complete picture):


While a great way to begin, the filtered results are incomplete or sometimes inaccurate.  Many panels have LGBTQ panelists who are on panels that are not LGBTQ Specific.  In other words, what if you are interested in supporting panels with queer writers even if the panels are about OTHER topics like Community-Based Writing Programs, Writing about Difficult Mothers, or Adapting Classic Narratives in Contemporary Literature?  And what about those off-site readings that everyone else seems to know about?  That search function doesn’t help find those either!

Tiff Ferentini, LGBTQ Caucus VP, has sought a way of solving this problem.  They’ve compiled a list of panels for just this occasion.  Following this link will bring you to an ever-growing Google Doc of panels (still being compiled!), off-site events (coming soon!), and other ways to support LGBTQ writers at the caucus (we’d love to hear more about your needs!).  The list is in-progress.  We don’t recommend printing it just yet.  For now, save this in your browsers!


Is your panel or off-site event not included?  Contact us! and let us know.  OR, add a comment below!

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