We, the LGBTQ Writers Caucus executive board, stand with our members and our allies working to create a safe and supportive community and in their efforts to oppose and isolate hate.

We stand with those targeted and affected by the Executive Order banning travel from seven Muslim majority countries to the United States.

We stand with those facing unrestrained anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rhetoric. We stand against the threats, intimidation, and acts of violence that preceded and that follow such ignorance.

We stand against any effort, current or forthcoming, that attempts to impede rights of or nullify the existence of the LGBTQ community or those of our allies.

We stand with participants of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs annual conference in calling for the AWP Board of Trustees to issue a “strong and resounding statement of support for the rights of immigrants and refugees — and the writers who inevitably compose parts of these communities.”

We stand united.

*Photograph of a poster handed out at the Oakland Woman’s March.  Artist Unknown. Further information welcome.