Introducing the new LGBTQ Writers Caucus Board!

Well, folks, a month has passed since AWP 2017, and life has settled back to a bit of “normal.”  I wanted to take a moment to introduce your 2017-2018 LGBTQ Writers Caucus Board.  Most of the faces are familiar – Tiff, Miguel, Sean, and I will all be back, but some roles have switched (Tiff is now our new President, and Miguel is taking over the VP role), and we’ve also acquired a new secretary, Jay McCoy.  Congratulations, Jay, and thanks for joining us!

Here are our beautiful mugs (This phot was taken right after the LGBTQ Writers Caucus meeting):


At this time, I also wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Todd Summar, our previous secretary, for his hard work and ever positive energy.  Serving on this board takes time and dedication, and Todd helped make the process a more positive experience for everyone.  It was a pleasure working with you this year, Todd!  I hope we can all stay in touch!

At this time, the blog is settling in.  Over the next few weeks, expect a few posts highlighting our newest board member and our new Presidente.  I am also hoping to start a monthly “Brag Bag,” for those looking to promote publications, events, and other news.  So, if any good publication or professional news comes your way this month (or last month, too!), be sure to let us know!

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