One of the goals of the LGBTQ Writer’s Caucus is to serve as a resource where marginalized queer voices can network, unite, and amplify–not just for the four days of the AWP conference, but every single day of the year. Whether we are united with you in a physical location, or connected long-distance throught the virtual world, we strive to carry those voices with us wherever we go, to serve as their platform, as their advocate, and as a constant pillar of support.

To our transgender, nonbinary, and intersex family: Please know that we are out here, and we will never stop fighting on your behalf. Please know that when you feel your voice has been drowned out, there is a chorus ready to back you up. Please know that while our government is trying to silence our voices, there are others who will hand you a megaphone. There is a strong and impassioned army of people here who love you; when you are ready to scream, they will be here to make sure that your screams are heard.

In Solidarity,

The LGBTQ Writers Caucus Executive Board

Tiff Ferentini, President, Miguel M. Morales, Vice President, Jay McCoy, Secretary, Sam Tetangco, Communications Coordinator, and Sean Patrick Mulroy, Communications Coordinator