Tiff’s List: All your 2018 LGBTQ Panels in One Place

Filtering through AWP’s massive schedule of events can feel overwhelming – each description like another radio blaring out a different tune – and all of them playing at the same time.  On full blast.  You were excited about that panel on Writing Resistance, but you forgot when it was, or where it was, or even if that was really the panel’s name.  You just remembered that it had something to do with being queer and writing for change and it sounded like EXACTLY what you needed…  But there are so many panels!  And you don’t have the energy to filter through the program yet again!  Don’t worry: the LGBTQ Writer’s Caucus has your back.

For the last few years, Tiff Ferentini, your LGBTQ Caucus President, has compiled a list of upcoming LGBTQ events.  While you can search via the AWP website, not all panels are queer-content specific, and some are mislabeled or missing.  To solve this, we’ve created a list of our own.   Oh yes, and – because we love you – we’ll have printed copies available at the AWP Event itself.   For now, you can view the list here:


Also, this list will be ever-growing.  Is your panel or event not included?  Got a hot tip on an off-site event?  Want us to help promote you?  Contact us! and let us know.  OR, add a comment below!

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