Writing the Trans and Genderqueer: 2 Panels Represent

Of the letters in our LGBTQ acronym, the “L” and the “G” get the most air time both at AWP and in the rest of the writing realms.  This year, the “T” represents with two dynamic panels on writing the Transgender and gender nonconforming experience:

Writing Race, Writing Madness: Writing Trans, Writing Genderfuck

This panel focuses on truth-telling, specifically writing about trans and/or genderqueer, lives in relation to race and mental illness. We will share readings that evoke questions about naming the varied realities of our lived experiences in a transphobic heteronormative racist ableist world that denies our realities and glorifies white able-bodied androgyny and thinness. Each author will address different challenges around writing memories of trauma. Panelists: Ari BurfordMel McCuinWryly Tender McCutchenTimothy CordivaeGrace Liew

Details: Florida Salon 4, Marriott Waterside, Second Floor; Friday, 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm

Writing the Invisible: Genderqueer Writers on Writing and Representing Outside the Gender Binary

How do non-cis writers navigate a writing and publishing world rife with misgendering and identity erasure? How can one bring alive to the page a demographic that often goes unseen outside the realms of literature? This panel brings together transgender and gender nonconforming poets, playwrights, fiction, and comic writers as they discuss the challenges of writing outside the gender binary, and how one can make one’s characters, narrative, and personal identity visible both on and off the page. Panelists: Tiff FerentiniJulia Leslie GuarchJess SilfaSérgio-Andreo Bettencourt UrbinaElliott Junkyard

Details: Room 13, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor; Saturday, 10:30 am to 11:45 am

Over the next 2 days, we’ll highlight upcoming LGBTQ-themed AWP panels to help you plan your AWP schedule.  If you’d like your panel or event featured in an up-coming post, please do not hesitate to  contact us!

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