8 Great LGBTQ Off-Site Events!

Over the last 5 days, we’ve featured upcoming LGBTQ panels and events to fill your conference days.  In this final post, we’d like to highlight 8 off-site readings to fill your Thursday and Friday nights!  Whether you are looking to network with publishing venues, hear new work from your favorite writers (or writing friends!), or simply excited to be surrounded by fellow LGBTQ writers, we hope you’ll check out these 8 great LGBTQ off-site events!

Thursday, March 8

Sundress, Flaming Girl, Hyacinth Girl, & Shelterbelt Reading

@ 4:30p, Fly Bar & Restaurant 1202 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL: Sundress Publications, Flaming Giblet Press, Hyacinth Girl Press, and Shelterbelt Press are featuring anoff-site reading and author celebration!  This year’s featured readers include Eloisa Amezcua, Liz Bowen, Sarah A. Chavez, Stephanie McCarley Dugger, J Bruce Fuller, Steven Sanchez, Danielle Sellers, MR Sheffield, Kimberly Ann Southwick, Jim Warner

Indolent Books Launch & Celebration

@ 7pm, Creative Loafing, 1911 N. 13th Street, Ste W200, Ybor City, FL: Join Indolent Books as we celebrate the debut of TWELVE NEW TITLES by Lisa Andrews, Nicole Callihan, John Deming, James Diaz, Logan February, Jameson Fitzpatrick, Karen Hildebrand, Samar Abdel Jaber, J.G. McClure, Dante Micheaux, Laura Winberry, Stephen Zerance, and the 73 contributors to Poems in the Aftermath: An Anthology from the 2016 Presidential Transition Period. We will have readings, food, drink, music, and dancing—over and over and over again! But fear not—their will be world enough and time set aside for indolence too. What’s a party without some slacker sleeping in a hammock?

Succinct Situation

@ 8pm, Flybar & Restaurant Rooftop, 1202 N Franklin, Tampa, FL: A reading with Canarium, Dorothy, a publishing project, Nightboat Books, Essay Press and Octopus Books. Featuring readings from:  Duriel E. HarrisSimone I. John, Karla Kelsey ,Amy Lawless, Sawako NakayasuSabrina Orah Mark, Joanna Ruocco, Ely Shipley, giovanni singelton, Cole Swensen, Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi, Christina Vega-Westhoff, Ronaldo V. Wilson

Friday, March 9

 Older Queer Voices: A Reading

@ 5:30pm, Inkwood Books 1809 N. Tampa Street, Tampa, FL: “Older Queer Voices: The Intimacy of Survival” (edited by Sarah Einstein and Sandra Gail Lambert) is an anthology of prose and poetry that celebrate our lives and offers strategies for living in hard times. Barrie Jean Borich, Miguel M. Morales, Bonné de Blas, Brian Kornell, Penny Guisinger, Christopher Emerson, Nic Leland, Patty Smith, Edward Moran, and Eunice Tiptree will share their work. This event is co-sponsored by the LGBTQ Writers Caucus.

Queer, Sweet Home: Foglifter Press & Co. Redefining Home

@ 6:30pm, Bradley’s on 7th1510 E. 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL:  How do queers negotiate their feelings of home when their nation has ceased being a place of comfort? Foglifter Press and 14 Hills Magazine invite writers to claim their homestead, however the landscape.

Featuring Arisa White, Tony Valenzuela, Frederick Speers, Danny Thanh Nguyen, Sophia Starmack, Roberto F. Santiago, Maya Marshall, Temim Fruchter, Soma Mei Sheng Frazier, Carson Beker, Seth Fischer, Derrick Austin, Kazim Ali, and perhaps others. Hosted by Foglifter editors Luiza Flynn-Goodlett & Miah Jeffra.

Queer Magic: A Reading + Celebration with Copper Canyon & Lambda Literary

@ 8pm, Red Door No. 5. 1910 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL: Copper Canyon Press and Lambda Literary present an #AWP18 off-site reading and celebration of queer literary magic featuring: Kay Ulanday Barrett. Ilana Masad, Natalie Sharp, Jericho Brown, Jenny Factor, Rachel McKibbens

Reading Queer: Poetry in a Time of Chaos Reading

@ 7pm, The Portico, 1001 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL: READING QUEER: POETRY IN A TIME OF CHAOS, edited by Neil de la Flor and Maureen Seaton, is a collection of the most subversive, gritty, moving, and courageous writing to come out of the U.S. queer community in recent political times. “When we started to solicit material for the anthology in 2015,” says Seaton & de la Flor, “we didn’t expect to compile a survival manual. Overnight, the work of these fifty poets became even more crucial. It became sacred.” READING QUEER: POETRY IN A TIME OF CHAOS brings the LGBTQI community together in the spirit and solidarity of poetry at its finest and fiercest. “It is our gift to all conscious citizens. With love.” (Seaton & de la Flor).

Readers include: Bryan Borland, Cathleen Chambless, Ching-In Chen, Gregg Shapiro, Jan Becker, Jericho Brown, J.P. Howard, Ruben Quesada, Sam Sax, Samiya Bashir, Shane Allison, Valerie Wetlaufer, and more!

Gremlins 3 Reading with Civil Coping Mechanisms, Wonder, Ugly Duckling Presse, Theme Can, Nightboat Books

@7pm, QUAID, 5128 N Florida Avenue, Tampa: Join Wonder + Ugly Duckling Presse + Civil Coping Mechanisms + Theme Can (and friends) for an AWP off-site reading.  Featuring Ben Fama, Liz Bowen, Bianca Stone, Josef Kaplan, Bridget Talone, Ed Steck, Shy Watson, Amy Saul-Zerby, Rachelle Toarmino, Ben Pease, Kim Calder, & Vi Khi Nao

Have an event you’d like to mention?  Please leave the details in the comments below!

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