Help us make AWP more gay! Submit your panels today!

Submit your #AWP19 panel

Hey there LGBTQ/queer writers! We hope you had as fabulous an AWP experience as we did!

Now that you’re back home and (hopefully) settled in, we’re here to remind you to SUBMIT YOUR PANEL IDEAS! That’s right, AWP 2019 is right around the corner already. The deadline to submit panels is May 1And we’d really love to queer AWP even more. Let’s get some more LGBTQ+ representation in the panel discussions, readings, and keynotes.

The LGBTQ Writers Caucus would love to keep track of queer panel proposals, so please add your idea and join a panel using our shared spreadsheet.

Here’s some event proposal guidelines to help in the panel submission process. And you can always reach out to us for help! We’ll be offering some tips to getting your panel proposal accepted in the next few weeks, so check back.

And one more thing before we let you go. Make sure to fill out that attendee survey AWP emailed you! It’s important for them to receive feedback and continue to improve the conference.

Here are some issues the LGBTQ Writers Caucus had in mind when we filled the survey out.

  • Most of the queer panels occurred at the same time and/or on the same day. This makes it very difficult to attend multiple events, and we believe these panels should be more spread out.
  • Keep accessibility in mind. The Tampa Convention Center wasn’t accessible for many disabled writers — and we care about all writers being able to participate in AWP. Let AWP know that we want the conference to be more inclusive and accessible. This includes ensuring offsite events are accessible, as well. Here are some important ideas on accessibility from Disabled & D/deaf Caucus member, Emily Rose Cole.
  • We believe pronouns should be added to AWP name badges — this can be something easy to fill out once we register online or onsite.
  • The gender neutral bathrooms should be added to the convention center map with clearer signage posted throughout the convention center.

Is there anything else you think we should include on our attendee surveys? Tell us in the comments or on social media.

And get those panel ideas blooming. If you need help coming up with ideas, finding others to add to your panel, or just getting started, let us know. You’ve got 41 days, let’s do this!


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