Check out Proud Marys

51AgMLwsIYLRick Rawes’ newest book, Proud Marys, is available now on Amazon and multiple marketplaces in the UK as an ebook and paperback. It’s also free on Kindle Unlimited.

Rick normally writes superhero and fantasy fiction with a mix of LGBT characters and storylines. And Proud Marys is no exception.

The book has been entered into the Kindle Storyteller 2018 contest, so reviews and feedback are encouraged! On GoodreadsProud Marys has received a 5 star rating.

We spoke with Rick Rawes about his book.

WHAT IS PROUD MARYS ABOUT: Proud Marys combines a bit of my husband’s love of Tina Turner and the spirit of a nineties style friendship comedy to tell the interwoven tales of David, Juan, and Robin. They are three men from Manchester (UK) who find themselves dealing separately with the breakdown of a marriage, a complicated affair, and an abusive boyfriend.

When a chance encounter in a bar with Tina on the jukebox brings them together, they find themselves on a path to healing with a few funny bumps along the way — and learn a message about what it means to be proud in 2018.

Proud Marys is a labor of love, and since it’s independently published and under my control, I’m using it as a way to fundraise for a Manchester LGBT charity. At the moment I can’t say which as I’m still in communication about the specifics. But it does have a strong message of love and friendship and urges us all to be better; so I hope I can do some good with it.

DESCRIBE YOUR WRITING PROCESS: I find my best writing comes in waves, usually after I’ve let an idea breathe for long enough, and then get a sudden urge to write. Once I hit that zone, I can carry on for hours (often annoying hubby in the process).

WHERE CAN PEOPLE FIND YOU: In addition to my Twitter handle, people can also get information from my Facebook page and my author profile on Goodreads.

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