Please help! Only 7 Days Left to help us host the 4th Annual AWP Queer Mixer!

We need your help!  Currently, we’ve raised only  $240 of the $500 needed in order to hold the 4th annual AWP Queer Mixer.   Please donate today, whether it is $10, $50, or $100, any donation helps!

This mixer CANNOT happen without your help!

7 days left queer mixer - we are begging youFundraising Goal Breakdown – What We Need & What You Get
Since 2016, The LGBTQ Writers Caucus has co-sponsored a Social Justice Mixer, held in collaboration with Lambda Literary, and other partnering organizations. The mixer provides the opportunity for LGBTQ, minority, and all members of AWP to build community with one another, as well as highlight its sponsors’ initiatives to unite and advocate for its community members.  Due to the success of our Social Justice Mixer at AWP16, AWP17, and AWP18, we’re planning to co-host another mixer for AWP19. Working with our coalition of partners once again, each organization is responsible for approximately $500 to cover mixer expenses.  

During the event, participants get free drinks and, more importantly, a shared space to mix with LGBTQ Writers from around the country and the world.  The Mixer will take place immediately after the LGBTQ Writers Caucus Annual Meeting at Slaughter’s in Portland

We CANNOT do this without your help.  Please DONATE TODAY!  

sophia - drink whatever is in the glass

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