The Writer’s Chronicle is seeking submissions

The Writer’s Chronicle, the flagship publication of AWP, opens for submissions on February 1. They are looking to diversify their submission pool, and are actively seeking work from diverse and marginalized communities, which includes the LGBTQIA+ community! So get your submissions ready and send them in!

The Writer’s Chronicle is seeking articles by and interviews of LGBTQ writers. The journal pays $18 per 100 words.

A note from Director of Publications/Editor Supriya Bhatnagar:

I am writing about The Writer’s Chronicle, for which I serve as Editor. In the coming issues and beyond, I would love to feature more craft essays by and interviews with writers who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer or nonbinary.

The Writer’s Chronicle is published six times a year and features essays, articles, and news that inform members of the literary community and provide diverse insight into writing. Published for over four decades, the journal provides in-depth essays on the craft of writing; interviews with accomplished authors; lists of grants, awards, and publication opportunities; and a list of upcoming conferences.

Learn more about their submission guidelinesIf you have questions, you can contact Editor Supriya Bhatnagar at

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