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3 weeks left to reach our Thanksgiving goal!

Our fundraiser is well under way, and so far, 6 generous people have helped us raise $340!! That leaves us $660 remaining in order to reach our $1,000 goal, and ONLY $160 to meet our Thanksgiving Holiday Goal!

Please consider making a donation TODAY.

Hey, why only $500 by Thanksgiving?  Didn’t you say you needed $1,000…

Yes, you are correct.  We are looking to raise $1,000 total for this year’s conference.  Half the funds will go towards our shared booth at the AWP Book Fair.  The other half will go towards organizing an evening mixer.  For us, the booth is the first priority.  We’d like to meet the booth goal by Thanksgiving, and then, focus on raising the funds for the mixer.

Wait.  I know you told me this before, but why the booth again?

For those who haven’t been to the conference before, one of the biggest and most popular aspects of the AWP Conference is the AWP Bookfair.  Here, literary magazines mix with presses, organizations, schools, etc.  In short, the bookfair is an important place to connect with writers, editors, publishers, and other writerly folks.  We wanted to make sure that LGBTQ writers had a physical presence amidst the fray, especially since not everyone is able to attend the LGBTQ Writers Caucus meeting.

Last year ,the booth acted as a social and professional hub – we hosted author signings, advertised for LGBTQ events, and even handed out a bit of swag!  Plus, enough cannot be said about the presence of a friendly rainbow flag, don’t you think?

Sounds great!  How can I help?

Visit our official fundraiser page to make a donation.  Any bit does helps.  $1, $5, $10, $20…  If you can handle a $75 donation, we’ll also offer you a time slot for an author signing.

Please VISIT OUR FUNDRAISER PAGE for more details and/or to make a contribution or contact Tiff Ferentini at with any further questions.



Support YOUR LGBTQ Writer’s Caucus!

We need your help!  THE LGBTQ Writer’s Caucus is holding a fundraiser in order to secure a booth at the 2017 AWP Writers Conference and Bookfair!

What does the LGBTQ Writer’s Caucus do and how come you need a fundraiser??

Here is what you may or may not know: the LGBTQ Writers Caucus’ primary purpose is to act as an hub for LGBTQ peoples at the AWP Conference.  This means that we work to connect LGBTQ writers, ensure the presence of LGBTQ panels and events, and advocate for LGBTQ presence at each AWP conference.  We use the caucus to create, foster, and serve as a supportive space and resource for LGBTQ Writers.

Last year the LGBTQ Writers Caucus was able to sponsor an LGBTQ event or reading every night of the conference, have a booth in the AWP Bookfair, and offered several of our members the opportunity to host their own book signing session at our booth.  We also co-hosted a mixer with the Lambda Literary Foundation, Canto Mundo, and Split this Rock.  We felt that the booth and mixer allowed a range of activities and opportunities for our members to build and foster community.  We’d like to keep the tradition alive!

This year, AWP raised the price of booth spaces (to $950).  Lambda Literary has graciously agreed to share a booth with us, but we need to help pay for the space.  We would also like to organize another mixer…  but we need your help!

Why does the Caucus want to purchase a booth?

For those who have been to the AWP conference before, you know that the bookfair is an important place to connect with writers, editors, publishers, and other writerly folks.  We recognize that not everyone will be able to attend the LGBTQ Caucus panel/meeting, and wanted to make sure that LGBTQ writers had a physical presence amidst the fray.

12143249_1531764940461613_8335086824006515547_nLast year, the booth…

  • acted as a physical space where LGBTQ writers interacted, socialized, networked, and learned from each other’s experiences
  • helped to Increase awareness of LGBTQ writers and our work
  • strengthened our Caucus by recruiting new members
  • Secured a listing for the LGBTQ Writers Caucus in the 2017 AWP Conference Planner
  • Allowed us to host book signing sessions with caucus members

Plus, we also had some fancy stickers because everyone loves a bit of SWAG, right!?  Please help us make the booth happen!

That makes sense, but tell me about this mixer thing?

Last year’s mixer brought together other writer groups  interested in promoting social justice.  Along with providing an opportunity for our members to socialize in a more informal space, it also helps people connect with LGBTQ allies and other like-minded folks.

If we can raise the funds, we’d like to work with the same partners:

  • the Lambda Literary Foundation, primarily known for holding the annual Lambda Literary Awards, which seek “to identify and celebrate the best of lesbian and gay books in the year of their publication.”
  • Canto Mundo, an organization dedicated to supporting and developing Latina/o poets & Poetry, and
  • Split this Rock, a group that “cultivates, teaches, and celebrates poetry that bears witness to injustice and provokes social change.”

The mixer costs each partner $500 bucks.  Please help us make this happen!

Okay, Okay, you’ve almost got me…But what’s in it for me?

12592604_1531764993794941_171954065604339797_nSheesh, you are a tough sell!  What’s in it for you?  Well, other than that warm, glowy feeling you might get from contributing to another LGBTQ cause, your donation can also secure you a time slot for a book signing!

For details, please visit the Official Fundraiser Page!

Finally, if you have any questions about the fundraiser or would like to reach us, please contact Tiff Ferentini at or use the Contact Us! Page here on the LGBTQ Writers Blog.

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